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If you really enjoy playing poker and own a smartphone or tablet, but still are not playing poker on your mobile device – what are you waiting for? Today, the vast majority of major online poker operators are ready with an app. However, this does not mean that all apps are of equal quality. One of the most technologically advanced online poker sites in the world is made by PokerStars.


If like millions of other players worldwide, you are always on the go, then you have probably experienced the frustration of missing out on a tournament, special offer, or other cool opportunity simply because you were not near a computer.


You may not have even realized that you can use your smartphone to play online poker. Maybe you knew it, but you thought the selection of games would be limited, and therefore it was not worth your time. Truth be told, there are also some apps where the selection will be smaller, but that does not apply to the PokerStars app. When you use their app, you will not feel like you are missing something that you would have been able to get on your computer. The most important thing, however, is that you are not tied to your computer when you have the PokerStars app.


The PokerStars app is free, and all you have to do to get started is follow the download instructions for their app. You can easily download the app the next time you are waiting for the bus, at the restaurant or on another occasion, where you have a few spare minutes on your hands.


History and background

PokerStars has been online since 2001, when it was the leading poker site in the United States. In 2002, PokerStars launched the World Championship of Online Poker, which has since become the largest online poker series in the world. The site’s popularity peaked when the unknown amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker miraculously won the biggest prize at the 2002 WSOP. Amateurs and professional poker players bombarded PokerStars in hopes of achieving the same success and winning huge prices themselves.


Today, PokerStars has more than 50 million registered users and several thousand who log in every day to play for real money. Therefore, it seems that PokerStars’ position as the world’s leading poker site is quite secure. PokerStars has always been aware of their popularity and has constantly tried to improve their offerings and image, and you can really see that they have put a lot of hard work and dedication into their apps.


Safety and fair play

PokerStars is licensed on the Isle of Man. The fact that PokerStars has been a huge success online since 2001, is a good indicator that they are conducting their business fairly and responsibly. If this hadn’t been the case, then PokerStars would never have achieved the status and popularity they have today.


At PokerStars, they always treat their customers with respect, and they make every effort to make them feel safe when playing on their site.



At PokerStars, they use their own software, which is of an impressively high quality. With their own software, they also make it possible to update the app continuously, and in this way, they can take advantage of the latest knowledge in computer and mobile technology and react to changes quickly. Furthermore, it also helps them provide total security for their users.


To play PokerStars games on your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or other smartphone devices, you need to register and create an account, which you can do either via the web browser in the downloaded mobile app itself or on your computer. All the information you need to get started can be found at www.PokerStars/mobile . There you will see that you have a choice between two apps that you can download depending on the type of mobile device you own. One you can download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The other app is available directly from the PokerStars website and is for Android devices. No matter which method you choose, the app will always be free to download.


The app is much better than the ones you can download from other brands. When you play with the PokerStars app, you will have a hard time spotting the difference between playing on your computer and your smartphone – because there is basically not much difference.


In addition, PokerStars has launched several apps that can enhance your poker playing experience.


Poker Stars TV App: Available in the Amazon App Store or Google Play. You may be far away from home, but you will not miss a major poker event. You can watch shows live on your phone using the PokerStars TV app. You can even share poker videos with your Facebook friends.


European Poker Tour App: Available in the Amazon App Store or Google Play. With this app you can check tournament schedules, rules and structures for various events and see the latest event-related news, tweets and photos.


Poker Stars Clock: You can download the app in the App Store. This app will come in handy if you are watching a poker tournament at home.


Of course, there are no apps that are absolutely perfect and there will always be certain features that are not offered. This also applies to the PokerStars app. One of the disadvantages is the use of third-party software during playback. Furthermore, smartphone players may make mistakes due to the small size of the action buttons. Playing on an iPad gives you the benefit of a larger screen.


Overall, though, the PokerStars’ apps are far superior to those of the competition. You will most likely not be disappointed with using these apps.


Customer support

On the website, PokerStars does an incredible job of explaining all the information very clearly, but from time to time there will still be questions or concerns that you may need help with. PokerStars customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, it is available in many different languages – but only via e-mail. There is no live chat or phone support, which some players might see as a negative.