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Our site is about casino apps for mobile units like your mobile phone and computer tablets. We strive to review and assess those casino apps that are accessible in Europe. We wish only to review British casino apps, that are credible and has a large selection of exciting games, slots and bonus promotions.


Many consumers prefer to use their mobile units to play games online. The benefit is obvious – you don’t have to be “bound” to a desktop computer and office chair. You always have your mobile phone or computer tablet with you on the go and you can use it on a tedious train ride to play games online, for example.


It is our mission to find a review the best casino apps, so you don’t have to search blindly for a credible online portal for casino games. Our team of experienced reviewers have tested every casino app reviewed on In our reviews you can find information on how you download the app in question, as well as which mobile units you can install the app on like Android, iOS, compatible units and browsers, etc.


Every reviewed casino app also contains information about which methods of payment you can use for bets and deposits. We also emphasize the level of security in our reviews, so you can safely choose the casino app, that matches your needs.


We have recently launched an edition of this website in New Zealand and named it The website is focusing on reviews of casino apps available to Kiwis living in New Zealand.

888 Casino App

888 Casino App is one of the oldest online casinos in the world. Back in the 1990s Cassava Enterprises together with the then very well-known Casino-On-Net became active in the casino scene on the internet. Today the 888 group, which no longer carries the Casino-On-Net brand, is among the most popular and largest providers on the Internet.

888poker App

Safety and trust are two things that are very important when it comes to an app where you play poker online. You get this to a great extent when you play at 888poker. The app is encrypted, and therefore 888poker’s security is very high.

Slots Magic App

Slots Magic is part of SK Processing Ltd., which also operates many other online casinos. The Slots Magic App is compatible with among other, Androids and tablets, and the app was released in early 2015. They were therefore one of the first bigger players on the market, but what can you really expect from the app? What games are available? How are their bonus offers? In this article you will find answers to some of the most important questions.

How does casino apps work?

Typically, a casino app is developed as a so-called ”web app”. This means, that you actually open the app in your browser through a secure login. From there you have access to all the games that are attached to the chosen casino. Every interaction happens through your browser and you will rarely have to download files on to your computer. The clever thing about web apps is that they are always compatible with the latest mobile units and automatically adapts to your mobile phone or computer tablet. This is possible with the latest HTML5 technology.


So, a casino app works through your web browser and therefore has the highest level of security because it is not installed on your computer. If you wish to play games through a casino app, there are some aspects you need to be aware of:


  • Always have the latest version of your mobile operating system installed on your unit (Android or iOS)
  • Always check if the casino app you install is credible. We recommend, that you read our reviews of casino apps and thereby avoid fake and fraudulent apps.
  • Consider having an antivirus or antimalware app installed on your unit. This way you prevent the potential misuse of your personal information.


Besides web apps many online casinos offer their own apps. The benefit of choosing these apps when they are available, is that they are customized either your Android or iOS (iPad or iPhone) unit. You’ll find the individual apps in Apple App Store or Google Play Store – our reviews contain direct links to the portals, so you can easily download and install these app on your mobile unit.


Some online casinos don’t have their apps in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Such apps require that you download a so-called APK installation file from a remote server. We warn against downloading an APK file on to your unit. You cannot know if the file truly is for the installation of a casino app or if the file might be infected with malware or the like. Stay away from APK files unless you are certain the file is downloaded from a secure server.


How to choose a casino app

When choosing a casino app to install on your mobile device and use for games, there are lots to choose from. There are some aspects you need to pay attention to, so you can identify a secure and credible casino app. The most important aspect is to examine if the casino app in question is licensed – to be licensed means, that the casino app in question meets the requirements from authorities regarding security, data policies and your guarantee that your winnings will be paid correctly and on time.


Every country has its own gambling authority or commission, that mandates license for online casinos based on a wide range of criteria that must be met before running an online gambling enterprise.


Apart from being a licensed casino, new users should always take a critical look on the deposit and withdrawal methods and policies that are linked to casino apps. Winning payouts are a central part of playing casino games and that’s why you should choose a provider that can pay out to your local bank account, through PayPal, Trustly or other online payment services you trust.


One final aspect you should examine, is the selection of casino games, slots, table games (poker, blackjack and other card games) that the casino app in question offers. It might also be relevant for you to examine what kind of welcome offers, bonuses and promotions you can expect to receive becoming a customer at the casino in question.


Use for choosing casino app


Here, on we will assist you in the following:


– choosing the casino app that matches your needs. We have reviewed all of the popular and most credible casino apps, so you can easily get an overview.


– giving you an idea of which mobile units you can install the reviewed casino apps on.


– spotting if a casino app is licensed in the UK or the country, you’re in.


– reading reviews of specific casino games and what the odds of winning are.


– get an overview of the promotions, welcome bonuses and offers that you can expect to receive through the specific casino app.


Casino apps and free spins

If you choose to register as a new user through a casino app, you will normally be offered a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is often specific for a game or genre of games. Often these are so-called ”free spins”, ”deposit bonuses” or a combination of both.


“Free spins” are a free game in a chosen slot machine that won’t cost you any money. It is a way to get newcomers that have to learn the game, going.


A “deposit bonus” can be described as a cash bonus you will be offered on your first deposit. For example, it might be designed, so you at a deposit of 100£ on your user account receive a 100% deposit bonus and thereby “get” another 100£ on top of your deposit from the casino in question.


When you choose a welcome bonus, it is independent of whether you play through a casino app or through a web app on your computer. If it’s a matter of unique welcome bonuses that only applies for users of a casino app, for example, we always mention it in our reviews.


Slot machines and game reviews

We review casino games and those slot machines that you are offered through your casino app. All of our reviews are in English and we strive towards describing the content and genre of the game, as well as what RTP-rate (Return To Player) the game has. We also show which specific games the casino apps have to offer, so you can easily get going.