From the real world you already know them. The big machines that are used for gambling and can be found in casino apps, and pubs and in amusement parks.


Not only are they popular in their physical form. On the internet you’ll find them at casinos where you can choose between a lot of different kinds. They vary in theme and they are built with impressive graphics.


Get entertainment, recreation and excitement whenever you want

It is especially because of the simplicity, the nice graphics and the quick spins that the slot machines are popular among players of all ages. Even though they might be a lot of different kinds and themes, all machines work the same way.


When you play at a British online casino, there will always be an English playing guide. As a new player, you can get a lot out of beginning to read the manual, so you have control over technique and what kind of game it is, before you get started on your slots.


If you haven’t gotten to know the machines on the internet before, it might be difficult to understand how machines in the real world and handle mechanics are translated to the digital world.


The best casinos on the internet uses advanced software that’s capable of giving ultrafast feedback on your actions. When using quality software, your gaming experience will have the same flow you would experience if you stood in front of a physical slot machine.


You can let yourself be entertained by slot machines on your computer or on your mobile phone. The biggest casinos come in a mobile version like an app, so you can have your favorite entertainment on the go.


How to get started

If it’s the first time you want to explore the wide range of excitement, fun and entertainment on the internet, the slot machines are the perfect place to start. Everybody can use them because they require neither experience nor any special knowledge.


To create a user at a casino on the internet you have to be 18 years old.


You can use the following guide to get started with the slot machines:


  1. Start by finding the right casino

You can benefit from using a comparison service when you want to find the right casino for you. Which one you choose depends on your demands for game variation and what kind of bonuses you want.


  • Sign up as a player

When you have found the best online casino, you can start creating your profile. It only takes a few minutes to sign up as a player. In this regard, you have to choose the payment method that you want to use going forward when money needs to be transferred to your user account.


  • Find your favorite machines

After your profile is done and accepted, you are ready to explore the wide range of slot machines.


As a beginner player, it might be a good idea to choose one of the popular slots.


  • Put money in the slot machine

Money must be deposited from your player account in the slot machine you have chosen. The transfer of money is easy and transparent. When you have pressed “play now”, there will be a payment request appearing on your screen. You can choose for yourself how much money you want to gamble.


  • Spin the wheel for yourself or put it on ”autospin”

How you want to play is all up to you. You can choose all by yourself to activate the wheel or you can let your mobile device do it for you through the “autospin” function.


When you choose autospin, you can lean back on your couch and watch the wheels spin round and round.


Before you get going on your slot machine online, it might be a good idea to set aside a certain amount for entertainments sake. This way, you secure yourself from spending more money than you can afford to lose.


You can also use free spins when you want entertainment from the machines without withdrawing money from your account.


Make use of free spins and get entertainment on your mobile device

No matter which online casino you have chosen as entertainment you will run into “free spins”. It is some of the most popular and functional bonuses that casinos offer their new and existing players.


Free spins function as free rounds. It’s a bonus that is obvious to use when you want to try new slot machines or when you want to save money on your games.


There are different ways to get a hold on the coveted free spins. It might be when setting up your player account where free games are a part of your welcoming bonus.


As an existing player, you can get access to free rounds through deposits on to your account. When you have put a certain amount on your account the casino will sign you up for 50 or 100 free rounds for example, that you can use as you please.


As a consequence of the huge popularity of slot machines online, there’s a constant development of new variants. The free spins are a good and risk-free way of getting to know new machines.


What does it cost to play slot machines online?

The cost of playing on a machine will in part be conditioned by how advanced it is. You will often meet requirements regarding the minimum deposit. It might be as low as 2 pence per round. In the same way there will also be a maximum limit for how much money you can deposit per game. The best and most popular machines cost approximately 2£ per round.


No matter what machine you have chosen, it will be 100 % up to you how much money you choose to play for.


If you play for the fun of it, for relaxation or if you go for the win, it will affect your choice of machines and your bets.


There is a connection between the size of your bet and the chance to profit.


As it is known from the one-armed bandits in real life, you’ll win by getting 3 of a kind on the same row. It might be diagonally or horizontally on the 3 spinning wheels.


From time to time there’s offered extra, big jackpots on slot machines.