Casino Bonus

If you’re setting up an account at a casino through a casino app, you have the opportunity to get a bonus by the first deposit. This is usually called a start bonus or a “sign up” bonus.


There are a lot of different casinos online and the start bonus you can achieve might vary greatly from one site to another. There might be a lot to gain from going through all of them to find the best one.


The actual casino bonus you might get for starters, might be specified in both amount and percentage. You might as well get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 100£ or 200£ for example, where the casino will then match then amount you choose to deposit.


However, there may be some conditions that applies for taking the money back out. In rough terms you have to play through your casino bonus a certain number of times before you are able to get your payment.


How big can your casino bonus get?

Before 2020 the Gambling Act was changed. On this occasion they changed how big a bonus the casinos could offer, because earlier it wasn’t rare to see deposit bonuses up to 1,000£, so now they changed it to a maximum bonus of 100£ offered in the first deposit.


However, there are still casinos that offer a bonus in the shape of both match bonus and for example bonus spins in the shape of coins.


It is typically so, that the difference in bonus size you can achieve, is dependent on the rules and terms that are applied to achieve the bonus in question. Normally it’s the biggest bonuses that entails bigger requirements for free games and payout, where the small bonuses have less or no requirements at all.


However, the law says, that there can be a maximum of 10 playthroughs before a payout. In most cases the requirements are severely less, and the best solution will be to read the requirements before you get started.


Get bonus on casino without deposit

If you aren’t game for putting your money down or just want to begin somewhere to get a feel for the game before you go full throttle, then you can get going with playing games for free.


There are casinos that operate with what is called ”no deposit bonus”, which means that you from the beginning will get funds to play games for without having to make a deposit of your own funds.


It will typically be relatively limited funds – everything from a free number of spins to for example, 3, 5 or 10€ to play for either in videogames or online slot machines. However, there will still be rules that applies for how much of the bonus that needs to be played before it can be paid out.


You will normally see different types of bonuses by promotions from casinos, and why not take advantage of the opportunity to test a new casino that is hungry for new customers AND get ahead from the start.


If you don’t play much – what do you need a bonus for?

If you’re like most other players, then you’ll have a sensible relation to gambling, so you don’t spend too much time or money on your gambling. What would a bonus mean for you? It’s actually very simple, because playing games is actually really nice and something you usually return to again and again. And you can actually manage to put a lot of money in playing games – it then makes sense if you should play anyway, you might as well go all-in.


That might also be the reason for you hauling profits in from your gambling, even though you might experience loss. And to be honest – if the casino bonus you can achieve is free and without payment, why not just take it?


If you are a good casino customer that have been in the game for long, then there’s actually the opportunity to get a sort of loyalty bonus, which is something the different casinos do for their best customers. These loyalty bonuses might be something like free spins or credit or maybe even free tickets to sporting events.


Bonuses as ongoing offers

If you have a sweet sport for great offers and offers on great games in different sites, there are also sites, where you can see which casinos have bonuses the month in question, and you will in this way always be able to find a new place, where you can get a deposit bonus of other types of casino bonuses.


But in reality, you don’t need to look very far to find all the cool offers. The truth is that many casinos run what you call a reload bonus, which means that if you are an existing user, you deposit again and again after the first time, you’ll get your deposit matched. This might work on a monthly or weekly basis.


Another thing worth remembering is that you can sign up for a newsletter from the casino, and in this way be certain that all of the good offers are coming your way. Another idea might be to accept pop-up messages – in case you sign up for their push service if they have one.


Messages in the shape of newsletter or push messages might contain bonus codes and might be sent to you personally for you to use and achieve a specific casino bonus at a specific casino. Such a bonus code can be different depending on what kind of bonus it is.


In the end, it is important that you gamble responsible and not for more than you can afford to lose. Besides in the UK, there’s a licensing system which makes sure that the game providers that operate in the British market should pay for that license – and therefore contribute to the funds of the Gambling Commission that benefits all.