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Unibet Poker App

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Get the feeling of playing for real money when you play on the Unibet Poker app. It is available on both Android and iPhone, so you can play on your favorite table anywhere with your mobile in hand. Unibet Poker is a worldwide brand with a large and good reputation throughout Europe. Originally Unibet Poker’s mobile poker offers were available on the Microgaming Poker Network. However, they did not seem entirely happy with this, so they set out to develop and launch their mobile poker app back in 2014.


Unibet’s app stands out from the crowd due to its impressive quality. This is why it was originally only available for a selection of devices, as the app’s superior graphics can only be supported by the latest versions of both iOS and Android.


Are you a new customer at Unibet? Then join today, and you may be eligible for a new player bonus! Unibet usually has lots of exciting offers for both new and existing players, so it’s worth checking out the app and website.


Download the app for your mobile and tablet

Unibet Poker only supports a download app and therefore they do not offer an HTML5 variation yet. Therefore, Windows mobiles cannot use Unibet Poker at this time. In any case, the app is excellent, and most players will love it immediately. It’s super easy to get the app on your phone.


If you have an Android, then you can download the app directly on Register your player account, then press the Download app button. This will take you to the Google Play Store, where you can tap install and download the app. If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, then you can download it directly from Sign up for your gaming account, then press the Download app button. This will take you to iTunes, where you can tap install and download the app.


It does not matter what brand of Android you have. You can download the app from an HTC, Nokia, LG, One Plus, Samsung and all the other models. Unibet’s app for Android is one of the most popular apps available.


Why play on the Unibet Poker app?

If you are new to the poker scene, Unibet may not be one of the providers that comes to mind right away. They should, though! They are a very reliable online casino and have spent a huge amount of money and time developing their own poker app. Because they designed and built the app themselves, they’ve been able to add a few great features that you’ll not get from other poker apps. Unibet has an excellent, loyal number of players and most of them want to play here, because they already use Unibet for sports betting.


Unibet’s app allows you to enjoy regularly updated missions and promotions, all available in the app and on the desktop version. Every month, Unibet Poker gives you the chance to earn real cash prizes by performing poker tasks in different types of games. These missions are great value for money and are an ideal way to explore different areas of Unibet Poker to find the game that suits you best. The tasks are fun and worth solving. They range from simple tasks like changing the background of a table to winning a tournament. The more you work and play, the cooler features you will unlock. They are entertaining to play and are a great way to get some free cash and bonuses.


If you are worried that players will get an unfair advantage when they play online, then you don’t have to skip Unibet. There is no access to poker player database software and heads-up screens are not available for use with Unibet Poker. This means that you as a player can play in the knowledge that your opponents do not get an unreasonable advantage against you. The fast-paced cash game lobby also ensures that all players sit at random tables, so there is no way players can sit next to each other to try to gain an advantage.


Unibet mobile poker

The app looks classic and there are many players who enjoy it. The app is updated regularly to improve security, games and speed. Each update brings new features such as new campaigns and other improvements.


Design & features

Most people are impressed with how the Unibet Android poker app and the iOS variant look and work. The development of their own platform has worked very well for them as there is always a significant risk of not using tried and trusted software. Launch the app and log in for the first time, and you will be greeted with the well-designed lobby. The app supports fingerprint login, which is important to save time getting to the table; this is available on both Android and iPhone/iPad. The lobby is simple, well-designed and most importantly easy to navigate.


You can narrow down your choice of games using cash games, sit & go or tournaments. There is a menu on the left; most of these settings take you away from the app and to the Unibet website. Therefore, it is best to stay away from these unless you need them. You can change settings on the app and choose cover color, the option to display avatars and a few other convenient settings. It is one of the most customized real money poker apps on the market and is a welcome change from some of the slightly sad looking apps offered by competitors.


The first time you log in to the app, you can select your avatar from a large and cool list. You can choose your username and have up to four different identities on the app. You can change your identity as well as your avatar up to three times a day. This is good, because then your opponents will never know when you are playing. You may have beaten them before, and they would never know!


There are many good reasons to try Unibet’s app for mobile devices. It is packed with great features and is very reliable.