Everything you need to know about welcome bonus for Betsson live casino

There are many online casinos to choose from. They vary according to game selection, bonus schemes, country of origin and payment methods.


For any player, the shapes and sizes of bonuses will be of great importance when it comes to choosing the best online casino apps.


If you like the thrill of playing with a live dealer, you need to find a provider that offers both an attractive welcome bonus and a service where you can play with a real dealer across the screen.


The benefits of signing up as a player at Betsson

When you want the best from the world of live entertainment, and when you want the most money to play for, Betsson is the right casino for you. Here you can play roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack with a real dealer. This is accomplished by livestreaming the game in video format, so you can watch your screen in real time.

For those of you who already love the excitement of iconic casino games, the opportunity of experiencing it live helps bringing greater joy to your favorite entertainment.


Any player at Bettson can use this opportunity.


Before you get started playing live, make sure there’s enough money on your player account. It is important for both serious and amateur players to choose a casino that offers the maximum bonus when creating a new player account.


At Betsson you’ll get your first deposit 100% back.


Decide for yourself how much you want to gamble

Playing roulette or Blackjack does not have to be serious and with the intention of making a lot of money. There are many British people who play online for the sake of entertainment and enjoyment. You can do that too, as it is you who decides how much money you want to play for.


Once you have created your profile with Betsson, you have to make your first deposit. It can be a maximum of £100.


This is the first deposit your casino will match 1-on-1. This means that if you deposit £40 the first time, Betsson will double the amount, so that there is now a total of £80 in your account.


Why the welcome bonus is so important and popular

There are several bonus schemes to take advantage of when playing at an online casino. If you have been a loyal player with the same provider for a long time, you can be rewarded with a loyalty bonus. You can regularly participate in competitions and promotions where you can get free spins.


It’s a good idea always to keep an eye on the terms of participation in various promotions. Whereas terms and conditions often apply participating in a competition, the welcome bonus is risk free. You choose for yourself what you spend the extra, free money that Betsson has deposited into your player account.


The money might access you to be engulfed in the excitement and magic of ‘meeting’ a real dealer who controls your casino games.


If you have the ambition to become a skilled casino player, you have to play with a live dealer.


Blackjack is the perfect game for you if you want to train your skills in using strategy boards and keeping an eye on card combinations.

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