Introduction to the Betsson loyalty program

It’s always nice to be rewarded. You can be rewarded for many things, such as working hard, being skilled or persevering. At Betsson, you can be rewarded for being loyal. In their loyalty program, you will be rewarded with so-called Betsson points, which give you completely new opportunities.

What is Betsson?

Betsson is an online casino that offers casino apps, poker, bingo and betting on sporting events. Betsson is owned by the Swedish company Betssan AB. The company was founded way back in 1963 in Sweden. At that time, the company supplied slot machines to restaurants. Today, it has become an empire of online casinos and entertainment, but the company has always been concerned with entertainment through games and betting.

Betsson cares deeply about its customers and wants to offer them the best entertainment. They also greatly appreciate their loyal customers and have therefore set up a so-called loyalty program, where customers are rewarded for their loyalty to the gaming site.

What do you benefit from a loyalty program?

Loyal players are, as said, rewarded by Betsson. They are rewarded in the form of a points system where they can earn so-called Betsson points. You can earn points while playing, so the more you play, the more points you can earn. With Betsson points, you can buy your way into a number of benefits.

The benefits include the possibility of more games and more possibilities for cash prizes. So exactly what you, as a player, want more of. You can get the points paid out with casino money, or you can use them to participate in special tournaments. Regardless, you get the opportunity to play and win something more. So, it pays to be a loyal customer at Betsson.

Betsson are behind NordicBet

As said, Betsson is an empire of online casinos. They are also behind the popular Danish website NordicBet thus has the same values in relation to entertainment as Betsson has. They also greatly appreciate loyal players and therefore also have both loyalty programs and several exciting promotions that they run once in a while.

In addition to this, NordicBet also has a start-up bonus for new players, where they get extra money to play for on their first deposit. It shows the new customers that NordicBet is happy with them and appreciates them just as Betsson does.

Gamble responsibly

Playing online games can be both fun and exciting. However, it can also be highly addictive. Therefore, it is important to make sure you play responsibly when there’s real money involved.

Make sure you never play for more than you can afford. Losing is also a part of betting, so you have to be willing to accept that, when you dive into it. But as long as you make sure you play responsibly; you can easily enjoy online betting and casino.

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